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Sites to see in Nova Scotia



The Hillsdale House in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

The Hillsdale House was built in 1849, and has catered to many famous people.... a tradition continues to this day. Your hosts Val & Paul look forward to welcoming you with traditional Maritime charm.... so be prepared to be pampered!



The Queen Anne Inn in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia




Built in 1865 as a wedding gift for a wealthy merchant's son, the Queen Anne Inn is a step back into the Victorian era. Innkeeper Greg Pyle looks forward to seeing you soon...





Fort Anne Historic Park, Nova Scotia
Fort Anne National Historic Site
of Canada is Canada's oldest - a present day reminder of a time when conflict between Europe's empire builders was acted out on the shores of the Annapolis River. It offers a sweeping view of the beautiful Annapolis Basin from the centre of Annapolis Royal. Museum exhibits highlight the history of the fort.



The Beautiful Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
The Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens is comprised of several themed gardens representing different periods in our local history. The themed gardens are linked by paths through other display areas including several plant collections, the largest being the Rose Collection which displays more than 230 cultivars... you can't imagine the fragrance until you've been here when everything is in full bloom.



Kedjumkujik Park, Nova Scotia
, the only inland national park of Canada in the Maritimes, features abundant lakes and rivers ideal for canoeing. The lush woodlands and gently rolling landscapes are home to a variety of wildlife. Visitors will find historic canoe routes, portages and many beautiful hiking trails in the park.





The Tidal Power Plant in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
North America's only tidal power generating station harnesses the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy, through the Annapolis River. The Station employs the largest straight-flow turbine in the world to generate more than 30 million kilowatt-hours per year, enough electricity to power 4500 homes.





The Habitation Historical Recreation, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Port Royal
features a reconstruction of early 17th- century buildings representing the former colony of the French who settled for a time along the Nova Scotia coast. Costumed interpreters and period demonstrations help recreate the cultural experience at one of the earliest settlements in North America.




Sunset at Mersey River Chalets

If you're looking for complete solitude, and a real get away from the rat race, then "Mersey River Chalets" is definitely your choice of vacation spots. Tim and Andrea will make you feel totally at home in any of their chalets or their Sioux-style "tipis". That's right, tipis. The whole facility is completely wheelchair accessable, too.

If you want peace and quiet... It doesn't get any better than this!





Upper Clements Cottages... Your Vacation Destination
Located 5 km from Annapolis Royal, Upper Clements Cottages overlooks the beautiful Annapolis River. Seven two-bedroom, housekeeping cottages await you for a peaceful Annapolis Valley getaway... summer or winter. Gary, Marg & Brenton Mailman operate this family owned vacation spot, right beside the Upper Clements Theme Park.





Bear River Vineyards

Do you like finding hidden treasure? Located in the warmest climate in the Annapolis Valley, Bear River Vineyards have been producing the "Nectar of the Gods" for several years now. It is finally poised to take the market by storm! I can hardly wait... congratulations Chris!






Milford House is an elegant lodge and twenty-seven rustic guest cabins just a short 20 minute drive from Annapolis Royal. Located on a traditional Miq'kmaq waterway, this vacation destination has been a favorite for generations of families.









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