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Great Prints From   Chef Kevin Wagner here, and welcome to Cooking Solutions, the place to go for gourmet cooking, catering services and personal chef services here in Western Nova Scotia. If you're into cooking, or simply enjoy food and like to eat... then you're in the right place! You'll find everything you'll need here to make your cooking or dining experience a true pleasure.

Now, about Cooking Solutions... Over the past few years, we have become the cooking and gourmet food specialists in Western Nova Scotia for upscale catering and personal chef services. After 35 years in the cooking business, it's no wonder people are choosing us to handle all their catering needs. No mess, no fuss, no stress, call us...




Our catering service and personal chef service is built one satisfied customer at a time, just like the good old days. You remember those times.... home cooking... great food... great service... with a smile :-) Yeah, those days. Isn't it good to know that some things never change. Do yourself a favour and call or email us today for a truly unique and sensational culinary experience! You'll see why when people think about catering their special day, they think about us.


  Learn to cook great food easier, faster, and healthier than ever before with our helpful online cooking lessons, cooking advice and quick cooking tips... even some nearly forgotten home remedies.

Maybe some interactive cooking classes are what you need, and you'd like to learn some new cooking skills. Check out our cooking class schedule to find a class near you. We hope you join us for an interactive evening of gourmet food, cooking information, fun and entertainment soon!


Great Prints From


A lot of you want recipes to help in your cooking. Well, we got recipes! Our online cookbook is coming together nicely. Some of my cooking class and Chef demo recipes, a few recipes we use in cooking for our catering business, and some of yours, too! Help yourself to any you want, and be sure to add your favorites to our online cookbook. Tell all your cooking friends about it and come back often to see how fast it grows!



We're really glad you found us. Make yourself at home, pour yourself a coffee, and look around the place. There's lots to see and do, so it may take a while :-)


Yours in Food & Friendship,
Chef Kevin Wagner







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